The year is 2065 AD and the nations of earth have been split. The federation and the newly formed axis forces are at war battling for territory and resources that has raged across the stars and the only thing that can tip the balance is you!

So jump into your Cybernator suit as you take the fight to the axis forces to win this war.

After seeing the legendary Konami logo for a moment you see a missile strike destroy a fleet of ships above earth the music kicks in as the Cybernator logo comes into view with the picture of your walking war machine appears on the main menu. You have the choice to change your pilots name from Jake, into your own for a more personal touch. Don’t bother looking for a difficulty setting because there isn’t one. This game is hard, but also rewarding you need sharp skills and quick wits to survive.

Cybernator 3

There are loading times in between stages, but when you see the graphics and hear the music you can understand why. This game pushes the SNES to its limits with its crisp sound effects and colorful varied environments. One minute you’re fighting through the enemy on foot, the next you’re blasting through the sky or even an asteroid belt on a jet pack.

Controlling your Cybernator takes some getting used to at first as you need to learn how to precisely aim your gun, dash from danger and use your shield abruptly. But once you master the control of it you’ll be tearing through enemy battalions like they’re nothing.

To help you combat the hordes of enemies ahead of you your Cybernator is capable of using multiple weapons to unleash hell with to access these weapons you need to find weapon chips hidden around the stages. There are upgrade chips, and health chips, that are found in containers and certain enemies. To say you need these is an understatement.

Your inventory comprises of:

Vulcan machine gun – Your standard machine gun which can be upgraded by picking up power chips across each stage. As it becomes more powerful the bullets become bigger and can be bounced off surfaces to hit enemies in hard to reach places.

Laser cannon – This is an extremely powerful laser. At first it doesn’t fire for long, until it needs to recharge. However as you collect more power chips the laser becomes bigger and takes less time to recharge.

Cybernator 2

Missiles – When you first collect this weapon it’s pretty powerful and can fire in one direction. With upgrades they become homing missiles which chase after your enemies.

Knucklizer – For when you want to get up close and personal. Your Cybernator throws a solid punch.

Ionized Indestructoid Shield – This shield is essential to your survival as it can block most enemy fire and shrapnel.

Napalm Cannon – This is a secret weapon hidden in the game which only becomes available once certain conditions are met.

There are seven stages in this game and that might not sound like much but you’re going to need skill and a lot of luck to make it through to the end.

Stage 1


The game begins as your Versis battle craft forces its way into an enemy colony and deploys multiple Cybernators, including yours. The mission is to destroy an engine block before it’s attached to the enemy battle craft lying in wait, to attack your forces.

Time is the enemy once you find it, as it’s being prepped to be attached to the battle craft. If the engine is attached the battle craft activates and destroys all friendly forces in the area -resulting in mission failure.

Stage 2

Orbital Hideout

You’re deployed to a location where the enemy has been confirmed of mining moon ore and setting up a position on the outskirts of an asteroid belt.

The fastest and safest way there is to use your jet pack to navigate the treacherous asteroid belt. Once you reach the area where the mining is, you disengage the jet pack and head towards the mine where something lies in wait.

Stage 3

Attack On Arc Nova

This mission sends you in to the heart of an enemy fortress called Arc Nova, so you can eliminate the enemies within and take control. This would guarantee a safe path between earth and the moon, but things quickly go wrong as they have a super weapon inside. That’ll be the least of your worries once you come across it.Cybernator 1


Stage 4

Atmosphere Entry

Because the battle dragged on for so long and having to destroy the engines on Arc Nova, before it crashed into earth, you’ve been forced to enter Earths atmosphere.

Versis has made the risky move on heading in after you to bring you down to earth safely. To make matters worse you’re being chased by enemy units. Once you touch down an enemy is stuck on board of Versis as the suit sustained too much damage to pull out. Your comrades Mitch and Apollo head out to search for the remaining enemies before being ambushed. Apollo is killed in the battle by Beldark who then approaches Versis before attacking and taking the enemy captive away.

Stage 5

Twilight Pursuit

The enemy has been sending shuttles of supplies to it’s severely weakened forces in space you must work with the ground forces of the federation to put a stop to these shuttle launches. Doing so will cripple their forces in space but things never go smoothly.

Stage 6

Gunfire Mountains

With the enemy weakened and a window of opportunity open the federation put into action its final strategy. The operation has been called “soldier soul” to take over the enemy capital. Your mission is to head to the Alps and destroy an anti-aircraft base hidden halfway up the mountain. As the federation forces wait for the anti-aircraft guns to be taken down, you head into the mountains alone where enemy defenses do everything possible to stop you.

Stage 7

Last Stand

This is it the final offensive with Versis severely damaged your captain’s only order is WIN. You head towards the national assembly building to take out the commander and end this war.

All of their available mechs tanks and ground troops attack you relentlessly in desperation to stop you reaching their base of operations. You encounter Beldark in the main hall for one last battle. If you make it past this elite soldier you receive an important call from first Lieutenant Duke.

Your job isn’t over yet… Beldark has one last card to play.




SOUND    92%




Neigh on gaming perfection. A game without any technical flaws, and those that are there are superfluous in comparison to the experience handed to you, while managing to break new ground. A game that will have you reminiscing till the end of time.


Cybernator rating breakdown explained here

Cybernator review by James Steele @JX2001

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