A microphone that’s out of this world that doesn’t cost the earth


The Samson Meteor Mic isn’t a product I had come across before, but I’m glad I did and I’ll tell you why.

First impressions are good, the item comes with a velvety bag and a mini USB power connector. The design is a pleasing one with a mirror chrome aesthetic and a retractable three-way foldable stand. Non-slip rubber feet allow the microphone to be placed on the desk ensuring it won’t do any surface damage.

On the rear it has a single 3.5mm headphone jack and on the face an audio dial with a central push button for muting the audio. Finally the base of the item houses a standard 5/7″ thread to mount the meteor mic onto a range of stands. Simple, sleek and clean.

The £60 price point puts it above your standard desk mics but below the heavyweight range such as the popular Blue Yeti. This centre ground makes it attractive for those looking to invest in their sound setup before fully committing to the upper tier of audio equipment, but there’s no point dipping your toe in the water if it’s going to be bitten off.

Thankfully the audio quality is good and comparable to some of the more expensive microphones in its range as the video below demonstrates.

Meteor Audio Capture From Twitch. note: no pop guards or sound proof backing was used, the mic was free standing surrounded by hard surfaces.

Need a YouTube microphone?

This usb condenser microphone is aimed at podcasters, YouTubers through to aspiring musicians, so using it for Twitch and similar applications is appropriate. Is it the best recording microphone? It’s not in the same league as the aforementioned Blue Yeti, but it’s not trying to be and seeing it’s punching above its weight for a £60 price point it would be hard not to recommend Samson’s Meteor mic.

Visit Samson’s website for more details on their available products.

Samson Meteor Mic review by Ash RGB_RetroBlog

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