8Bitdo’s Bluetooth controller has seriously impressed me so much that 8bitdo is on the radar permanently – and here’s why I think it should be on yours.

Hitting all the right buttons

Ergonomics, a personal preference, but given the SFC30 is based from the Super Nintendo controller it is one most 90’s gamers are going to be comfortable with. It’s no tall order to say this is the best third-party iteration of the iconic device to date. It sits in the hands very well and placement and shape of the buttons makes for reactive gameplay, your thumbs can roll from A,B, X and Y in micro seconds with the satisfying depress expected.

Connecting to Android, iOS (iCade), macOS, Windows and now the Switch, there’s a wide net cast to a variety of gamers who could be interested in playing retro games with this pad, and compliment such games neatly with playing on devices like the iPhone, Samsung Note, Android Pad and beyond.

It’s evident a lot of love and attention has gone into the creation of the SFC30, from conception, right through to the way it is packaged.

In The Box:
x1 SFC30 Gamepad
x1 SFC Style USB cable
x1 FC30th Anniversary Key Chain


Once the firmware was updated via the website we first connected the SFC30 to the Nintendo Switch, instantly we were impressed with how responsive the unit was in comparison to the original accessory, which in many ways it surpasses. It wouldn’t be too hard to imagine substituting the original controllers as 8Bitdo also supply a range of receivers for the original hardware.

reactive gameplay in Street Fighter 2 via the SFC30

The internal battery so far has yet to run low after several hours worth of play, two LED lights indicate connection and power status all of which is recharged with the supplied micro USB cable.

In conclusion, my time and money has been well spent and I wholeheartedly recommend this as a first choice third-party controller for all your retro embellishment.

Visit 8Bitdo’s website for more details on their available products.

SFC30 GAMEPAD review by Ash RGB_RetroBlog



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