Our Scoring Explained

Before you read our reviews it might shed some light on our final decision by reading the following breakdown. Please understand we do not rate games like other sites, where the trend of anything below a ‘4’ or ‘7’ is considered an average to poor product. NO!

RGB fully plants its flag in the sand, and stands by the decision that an overall rating above that of 50% is a game produced with above average results. By reading the full review the reader should be able to extrapolate why we came to that decision.

All reviews are written in earnest and without influence or affiliation. We review every title on its own merit, by which it will not be rated on the company producing it, or the marketing machine behind it. All that matters is the final game.

Any bugs on version reviewed (with or without updates) will be taken into account on the review and scored accordingly. These scores remain final.

Understanding Our Breakdowns


Reflects the overall aesthetic and style of the game. From menus and layouts, to its world. We ask, does this game present itself in the best way possible and has it captured the atmosphere consistently? Does it suffer from poor passive cut scenes that break immersion? This rating is less about technical aspects, and more about artistic direction.


Reflects everything we see during live interaction. We look for technical prowess to frame rates. This is not about gameplay mechanics, but we do take into account how poor execution may impact the gameplay i.e, poor frame rates potentially make areas unplayable.


Reflects music, foley work, voice artists and sound mix. We also take into consideration the direction for the music and its suitability for the genre and style of the game.


Based purely on the experience of playing the game. It takes into consideration all the above – presentation, graphics and sound and if they all work together to provide a cohesive experience. It also takes into consideration additional aspects such as multiplayer (if this is not the main direction for the game) and other aspects that may bring additional qualities to the package.


This is broken down into various considerations. First, the length of the game – does it provide a worthy single player experience for its genre? While multiplayer is also considered, in this section, we are purely looking at the main game itself. We will not mark games down for exclusion of a multiplayer option if it was not the direction the production was going for.

We will also look at other factors:

– How often the game pulls you back in for ‘one more go’.
– Do you feel you want to improve on your previous playthrough without incentives.
– Once completed does it offer incentives to play again.
– Will it be something you keep onto, to play again a year later.
– Is there planned additional content.


What you would expect. Everything above is weighed up and dissected for a final verdict. The package worth. All areas will affect the overall mark.

Understanding Our Overall Verdict

0 – 20% BROKEN

The game is fundamentally broken in every aspect. It should not have been made. How could this even be called a game.

21 – 40% POOR

There is a game in here, just not fun one, at all. It feels more like hard work due to technical flaws and no originality to make it stand on its own merit.

41 – 50% AVERAGE

Everything works as it should. This game plays fine and its other qualities are all in line with what should be expected at the time of release. What it lacks in innovation it makes up for with consistency.

51 – 70% GODD

Technical aspects and game direction stand out. Some flaws hold back on an exceptional experience, but there is enough going on to warrant recognition for what it tries to accomplish. Worth your attention.

71 – 85% GREAT

The game offers exceptional value and a great experience. Very little flaws and its innovations should be taken note of by other developers, and while it may lack a certain luster that makes it essential to every gamer, it will be adored by those who obsess with its genre.

86 – 90% EXCELLENT

Outstanding. A technical achievement. A game that is void of all but minor flaws, breaks the mold, and will be used as an example of how to refine and improve the genre. It offers impeccable replay value and should be on every collectors shelf, even those who are not fans of the genre will gravitate toward it.


Neigh on gaming perfection. A game without any technical flaws, and those that are there are superfluous in comparison to the experience handed to you, while managing to break new ground. Every demographic will want this game, and playing it will simply draw you into an entire new universe and leave you gasping in disbelief. A game that will have you reminiscing till the end of time.

Our final word.

We understand that not everyone likes scores or ratings applied to game reviews, but they help us breakdown a final verdict and summarise our thoughts and conclusion. We recommend everyone to decide for themselves by demoing the product and make their own decision whether a game will be right for them as it’s impossible to ascertain what every person will, and will not like. We provide a detailed explanation of our personal findings which you may, or may not, agree with.

Remember, we are human beings. And the great thing is we all have our own opinions. If you disagree with any of our reviews we invite you to discuss it in the comment section in a civil and polite manner.

Best wishes,
Team RGB

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