3DO introduction by Ash

I make no bones about the 3DO being my all time favourite console. An odd choice perhaps, but it’s one I play frequently still to this day. I love the aesthetics, I love the functionality, I love what it tried to do and how it pushed well known IP’s into the stratosphere with – at the time, gorgeous graphics. EA’s games at that time were phenomenal and their catalogue of games on the 3DO are the very best versions to ever grace any console, even to this day.

The multi-region accessibility allows you access to some of the most bonkers Japanese games you wouldn’t believe existed. Remember all those FMV gun games in the Arcades? American Laser had those games ported successfully to the console: Crime Patrol 1 & 2, Mad Dog McCree and Space Pirates. Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace all reside as solid incarnations also. The 3DO was spec’d around this format but it didn’t stop it from adapting to market needs by producing some good 3D games too.

With bargains to be found on eBay, and cost no longer a hindrance like it was back in the day, I urge retro gaming enthusiasts to at least try the 3DO. Its bad reputation is not deserved and I hope my video above will at least get you curious to explore a little further.

If there were three games I’d recommend to whet your appetite I would personally opt for: Road Rash, Space Hulk and Return Fire. These games were later ported to other consoles, but were so badly done I can’t help but think those aware of these titles from the Saturn or Playstation, might be sucking air through their teeth.

They MUST be played on this system.

If you’re feeling flush and would like to try some exclusives, I’d further recommend: Escape from Monster Manor, Snow Job and Blade Force.

Finally, if you’re feeling experimental and flush, I ask you consider: PO’ed, GEX, Psychic Detective, Need For Speed, Phoenix 3, Sewer Shark, Supreme Warrior, Samurai Showdown, Hell, Quarantine, Killing Time, Captain Quasar, Star Fighter and The Horde. Again, the ports mentioned are the best iteration and different. NFS for example, is a driving simulator!

There are so many loved games, and I know there will be 3DO users out there screaming ‘why hasn’t he mentioned this game’. I know, trust me I do. But the above are enough to get the uninitiated retro gamer to try a variety and hopefully expand their gaming horizons.

What are you waiting for?

3DO introduction by Ash



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