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MVS PCB Shock Troopers 2nd Squad

What is retro gaming? How is it defined?

Is it culture or something else?

For myself, retro gaming is a nostalgia vault. Personal access to fond memories and tough challenges, perhaps not so tough to those who painstakingly bested each level within an inch of its code. As was the case with many 90’s games. It is a key to some of the best times in my youth and time spent with friends, some of which are no longer here, which conjures all sorts of feelings when particular moments are met or music heard.

I’m also perfectly aware it’s a personal mark to each individual. Some are of the collector mentality, connoisseurs if you like. Some see retro as an evolution in technology, as the gap increases, so does the likelihood the label from old to retro is certified. The 2 generation gap being the most quoted.

Steel Battalion

Currently I’m playing a lot of Xbox original games and I’m getting to relive through some of the games I missed out on, even play games I couldn’t complete – Steel Battalion being a fine example of that. It’s a platform I fail to class as retro, yet I enjoy regardless.

Times, they are changing

Retro gaming and its collecting in part has similarities with vinyl culture.

Where you find something unknown to you and you share its existence with friends and family – social media or video streams being a way to share it with the world, and it’s interesting to me how it imitates through new mediums making me feel just that little bit older.

Perhaps that’s, subconsciously, why I retro game in the first place?

The part I’m finding exciting right now is that new discovery of games I never knew existed/played. There is a goldmine of high quality games for the Xbox original right now going from 35p each at local thrift shops. Panzer Dragoon Orta £1, Outrun 2 50p, Project Zero 2 £2. It seems almost insulting these games are cheaper than most throwaway apps. But that’s how it goes and so does my search into new uncharted regions.

What does retro gaming mean to you and what are you collecting for?

Care to share, then let us know in the comment section.

Opinion piece by Ash RGB_RetroBlog

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