In 1987 a legendary multifaceted computer took the world by storm. A jack of all trades and master of all. Adored by artists and gamers alike it soon accumulated a large fan base that sees it remembered as one of the most loved computers from times past. If you’re interested you can make the jump to Retro Gaming Blog’s interview with Reichart Von Wolfsheild who worked on both, hardware and software, for Commodore. I would also recommend visiting Amiga Forever for some additional knowledge and technical knowhow – or just for that trip down memory lane. Soak in the nostalgia with the soothing layout and functional design.

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Dave Needle Amiga

From 1989 to 1993 I’ll cultivate my personal top 5 games, one from each year reeled off from memory. When I talk about these games there’s quite a few people, both on Twitter and personally, who don’t remember them.

5. HOSTAGES (1989 by Infogrames)

Ever wanted to be in the SAS? Now you can through the power of AMIGA. Experience the stress and anxiety as the game throws you in multiple situations through different gameplay scenarios. Dodge search lights, repel down buildings, sniper terrorists and gun down baddies. I was so enamoured with ‘Hostages’ I was excited to find out there was a sequel released shortly after – but unfortunately it fell short of capturing what made the original truly special.

Hostages Amiga 500 game by infogrammes

The game was ported, with changes, to the NES. I applaud Infogrammes in bringing this great game to other platforms, they obviously had great success with North & South port.

What was exceptional at the time was FPS section of the game. Using a map, you could turn your character around and lay down gun fire from your MP5, moving door-to-door neutralising the threat. Very impressive.

4. THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND (1990 by Lucas Arts)

This game has seen more ports than hot dinners, and for good reason. It’s amazing! A landmark in video game history with great graphics, puzzle solving and storytelling. It was so good, some fans of the video game plundered the charm, wit and piratey frolicking and put them in some Disney franchise called ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, at least it seems that way to me.

Monkey Island Amiga 500

I actually entered this series through Monkey Island 2, but fell in love with everything about the story I had to go back and complete the first. I missed the third instalment, completed the fourth and now I’m going to look at finishing the fifth iteration, which is now episodic under Telltale. (R.I.P)

3. MOONSTONE – A HARD DAYS KNIGHT (1991 by Mindscape)

Hard by name, hard by nature. This game is incredibly addictive. One could say it’s the Dark Souls of the 16bit era! How apt there are so many Knightly things going on.

If the introduction doesn’t set you up – the mauling, squished guts and multiple beheadings will.

Moonstone Amiga 500

The game has you bounding around a map searching for a witch, which (yes this could get confusing) has you battling foes in various locations. You’ll have to change your fighting style to overcome the beasts and learning how to best take them down is trial and error. Is this tedious? NO! It’s bloody good fun. I was gobsmacked by the amount of gore this game was throwing at me, and the variety of beautifully animated deaths kept things entertaining.

2. DUNE 2 (1992 by Westwood Studios)

I’m a huge Dune fan, HUGE. I own the books, multiple versions of the film and even have some promotional material from the original release. When I played this game I was hooked, I’m not a huge RTS fan but the license and lore kept me playing over-and-over.

Dune 2 Amiga

The sound samples as you dish out orders are nice touches, at school we used to say ‘Acknowledged’ to each other during lessons – obviously on the cusp of some video game cult. I really enjoyed the variety each House offered (Ordos included), but I always leaned between House Atreides and House Harkonnen. Progression sees the development of special abilities, of which I can only remember the Freman ambush attack. House Harkonnen, I cannot remember – I’m sure it was something to do with a devastating nuclear blast?

I’d like to mention how I fondly remember Westwood Studios. Westwood went on to create a brilliant point-and-click adventure ‘Blade Runner’ for PC. I don’t know why but I still own my physical copy and can’t get it to work with anything that isn’t Pentium 4. It’s a shame they were dissolved but their vision bore a faint hint of legacy with the license through God Emperor Dune, on PC, which I equally loved!

1. SPACE HULK (1993 by Electronic Arts)

Eye of the Beholder, Hired Guns and then – Space Hulk. Space Hulk is a phenomenal game which I played obsessively. The game has you commanding a squad of Terminators through a map and four tiny squares – each offering a first-person view. This was the pinnacle of strategic gaming heaven on the Amiga, for me. EA should be applauded for the translation of the lore and use of the license on multiple formats. They did good by their achievements.

Space Hulk Amiga EA

It was at this time I jumped to the 3DO, a marvellous console that was engineered by many Amiga veterans, including Dave Needle and R J Mical. Space Hulk was released again, by EA, and it was outstanding. Surpassing the Amiga version to a level yet to be reached. Never have I seen the title glow so brightly as I have on Panasonic’s ill-fated venture. But it was beautiful while it lasted.

If you’re interested you can check out my review of Space Hulk on the 3DO below.

Honourable Mentions
Dreamweb (Superb game worth your time)
The Adventures of Robin Hood
It Came From The Desert
Police Quest 1, 2 and 3
T17: Superfrog, Full Contact, Alien Breed, Project X
Xenon 2
Lombard RAC Rally

Now I’m done waffling, what are your top 5 Amiga games and why?


    • Hi, thanks for getting in touch. This was supplied by Dave’s friend, Reichart Von Wolfshield for an interview I did – with Dave’s permission.

      Unfortunately Dave is no longer with us, and the interview is still live on the blog. So it was supplied by Reichart for the use in the interview he did with me.

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