As you may be aware I’ve been playing a lot of iOS games over the past few weeks in the search for quality gaming experiences beyond the mobile platform expectations.

I’m culling quick fire sessions of Candy Crush, Cut The Rope and Flappy Bird, in search of long form games like Final Fantasy and GTA. Can this experience be found on iOS reasonably and if so is it fighting in the same arena as other markets? Let’s look at the best games iOS has to offer console (and PC) gamers.

GRID Auto Sport

A fantastic driving game with tons of content. Running at a silky smooth 60fps with HD textures it’s hard not to be impressed with GRID. Codemasters did a great job offering iOS gamers a console experience with a price tag of £10.

Civilisation VI

This port offers an impressive experience, one which you would usually get from sitting at the desk of your PC/Consoles. Touch controls are well implemented here and if you’re looking for a big budget strategy sim that stands out of the mobile micro-transaction model, this is it.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown

Although 6 years old, X-COM is another excellent port. This turn-based strategy game is identical to the PC/Console releases, although controller support has been stripped out in favour of touch controls, which feel at home.

Elder Scrolls: Blades

Whilst this game has been delayed it adopts console quality graphics and implements a gameplay experience to suit. Bethesda is the first company to push a triple-A experience on iOS that isn’t a port from their back catalogue.


I have purchased this game multiple times and my preferred experience is on Playstation VR. That said it is a very welcome addition, especially when used with controller support. Thumper’s music will have you entranced through it’s frenetic levels, which culminate in an addictive musical experience that’s hard to put down.


Consider yourself a retro gamer, then you’re in for a treat with:

Star Wars Knights of the old Republic

Hands down the game offers excellent value for money and is an absolute must buy for Bioware and Star Wars. Story (including all the subplots) and gameplay outpace the graphics effortlessly and if you’ve never experienced this high quality RPG, now is a great time to do it. An older console experience worth revisiting on iOS.

Max Payne

Max Payne was the first game I bought for my first owned PC (Normality was my very first purchase) – so there is some real nostalgia associated with this game on a personal level. That said, Max Payne remains an excellent game, one that still sees the use of its introduced gameplay mechanic ‘bullet time’. The game is a good port and supports the use of the much needed MFi controller.

Sega Forever


Other recomendations:

These indie titles deserve your attention as they provide excellent experimentation with mechanics in new ways, and do so with a clear artistic vision. They evoke strong emotions whilst revealing just enough to keep your curiosity on edge.




With the selection of games above it’s clear to see there is some thin ice on which iOS can stand on, whether that leads to direct competition with console gaming, we’ll have to see. Exclusive games like Elder Scrolls’ Blades – an official title in the series, it’s certainly looking better now than it ever has.

Have you come across any iOS games that compare to the console experience? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list with credit.

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