Video gaming has become big business rapidly expanding in all areas, from design through to development. Marketing budgets are on par with cinema blockbusters and the constant pressure studios are under – vying for attention to be seen as the next leap in gaming, has made it one of the noisiest arenas in entertainment.

Just one question. Is it still any fun? The short answer – yes.

With so much content being pumped out across multiple platforms, never have video game enthusiasts had so much opportunity to try something different, whilst simultaneously drowning under the weight of analysis paralysis.

People have spent more time surfing through the Netflix catalogue than committing time to watch something, because there’s too much and our time has become ever more valuable.

We seek comfort in the familiar, we know what we like – which can inevitably lead to boredom. Have you ever found yourself edging into that zone of asking are games getting boring?

If you have, then why keep investing in that release of the same game from the same genre? Why play Call of Duty again, when you could expand your horizons to a totally different game? It’s how we ingest them that gets old, we should be open to new experiences. Variety is the spice of life!

Why not experiment by:

    • Playing something you think you’d hate
    • Playing something experimental
    • Playing something outside of your comfort zone
    • Playing on a different platform

Whilst we can, and do, complain about developers making the same games – we also have an ability to dictate the games they produce. With the advent of VR and AR, never has the prospect of video-gaming been so varied or exciting.

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