Product: TX-20 Stereo Gaming headset
Price: 14.99
Unit provided by Gioteck for review


The TX-20 Stereo Gaming Headset by Gioteck sports an attractive 80’s aesthetic, but can this economically priced headset rock the high notes and deliver on the expectations set by the packaging? 

“This headset is designed for all popular gaming formats and provides crisp, clear voice transmission and great stereo sound”

Tested devices: iPhone 6s, iPad Pro 2017 & Nintendo Switch


My initial impressions on packaging were good, it was a nice touch using spot UV on the box art, and the headset inside is secured with an inner cardboard sleeve making it recycling friendly. A foldable quick start guide is provided – highlighting the setup with a series of diagrams showing you how to plug a 3.5mm jack into your controller or device. I couldn’t agree this was necessary given the audience of the product, but it’s there. 

The headset itself is pleasant to look at and adopts all the qualities expected from a pair of headphones in the 80’s. The orange foam provides a nice contrast against the black and silver plastic headband and fits snugly and comfortably over the ears. 

The in-line controls conveniently enable you to adjust the audio volume and mute chat whilst gaming. 

Audio test 1: iPhone 6s

  • Music test: Spotify via lightning cable adapter. 

I first tested a range of music styles from: Rock, Dance, Punk and Synth Wave and it was immediately apparent the economical price tag came at a cost, and that cost is bass. I noticed the volume wasn’t loud enough from the iPhone, so I wheeled the audio on the in-line unit to maximum. I could hear environmental sounds over the music which would make this inconvenient for any portable use. 

Although the sound lacked bass the audio was clear, defined and never distorted. 


Audio test 2: iPad Pro 2017

  • Music test: Spotify via lightning cable adapter. 
  • Games tested: X-COM enemy unknown.
  • Films tested: Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049
  • YouTube test: Kung Fury


Using the iPad Pro the volume issues were absent. The volume reached levels which drowned out any environmental distractions. 

Each of the tests provided clear distinguishable sounds, this was especially  improved by Blade Runner 2049’s outstanding sound design. Despite this, I always wanted more bass, I longed for the depth I knew was in each mix, but conceeded that it was something the TX-20 was unable to achieve. 


Audio test 3: Nintendo Switch

  • Game test: via 3.5mm jack. 
  • Games tested: Firewatch, Thumper, Dark Souls

After the iPad Pro, I was really looking forward to testing the headset on the Switch, which I use predominantly on the go. After loading Fire Watch, again I noticed an incredible lack of volume – the same experience from the iPhone 6s test. This raised concerns as the audio was inconsistent across devices and I wasn’t sure why? 

It made me question if I would run into similar issues between a PS4 or Xbox One?

Thumper is a great yardstick as the developers actively encourage players to wear headphones to enrich the experience, and again, I found myself frustrated. 

The In-line audio microphone does an acceptable job of capturing your voice, the quality is comparable to Sony’s bundled ear piece mic. The only inconvenience I notice was the interruption of additional noise through contact with the plastic unit that the mic is housed in. If the In-line controls brush against clothing, the recipient will hear it.



The TX-20 Stereo Gaming Headset is a functional headset that is priced at the expense of audio quality. The look and style of the headset will be for a very specific audience, but I personally liked it a lot. Whilst you would struggle to hit the volume peak needed to lose yourself in a game on your Nintendo Switch, or in your music through Spotify on the iPhone 6s, it’s a good looking budget headset that will undoubtedly meet the needs of some at a very reasonable price. The iPad Pro provided the best results, and for some that may not be enough. 

  • Aesthetic: 4/5
  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Features: 3/5
  • Product Quality: 3/5
  • Value for money: 4/5
  • Audio Quality: 2/5

Final 3/5

– Compromised sound quality
– Not for audiophiles
– Ideal for children or 80s lovers

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