Hi! My name is Ash, but people in these parts call me Retro. It’s a nickname acquired through gaming online, the RGB blog and Twitch stream.

I’m nothing without my family. They are my biggest fans. Each day I wake up blessed, knowing I get to spend it with them.

To get a better sense of who I am, I recommend checking out my Twitter feed, YouTube Channel and Twitch streams. I share lots of behind-the-scenes stuff, along with weekly blog releases that sometimes involve my family.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I kinda have a passion for video games. I love to document and interview people from all aspects of the industry in the hope it can inspire peeps to believe that anything is possible. We all started at level 0 but no mountain too high to climb without courage, grit and determination.

Here you’ll find reviews, interviews and how to play all encompassed in a variety of media.

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Keep on keepin’ on,